Monday Afternoon Stick League

Stick curling is designed for those who wish to enjoy the sport of curling without the same physical demands as the conventional game. Teams are comprised of 2 players, there are 6 rocks thrown per end, and games are 6 ends in length. Sweeping is allowed, but only once the thrown rock has crossed the far hog line.

The Club does have delivery sticks for players to use, however, anyone with their own stick is encouraged to bring it along.

ENTRY FEE: Entry Fee is included in Regular Membership Dues. Non-members are asked to pay a $10 drop-in fee. 
GAMES: 2, 6 End games, Monday afternoons starting at 1:00pm

Day Curling

Day Curling is held every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at 1:00 p.m.  We welcome all curlers.  Teams are drawn prior to play. After our game everyone is welcome to join in on our coffee and conversation time. There is a $10.00 drop in fee if you are not a club member. Berwick Curling Club members are free.

ENTRY FEE: Entry Fee is included in Regular Membership Dues, drop in fee is $10 for non members
GAMES: 8 Ends with teams drawn each day 

Friday Night - Beginner League

This league is an extension of the Learn to Curl program provided by the club in October and January.  It is structured to provide a supportive, low pressure atmosphere of fun and learning for our Learn to Curlers as well as new curlers who did not get the opportunity to join the Learn to Curl program in October. The teams are designed to have the beginner curlers expand on their skills while receiving support from coaches and experienced curlers.  The coaches and experienced curlers occupy the mate’s position on each team so as to provide guidance and support to both the front end as well as the skip at the other end of the sheet.  

ENTRY FEE: Entry Fee is included in Regular Membership Dues and the Learn to Curl Program
GAMES: 6 Ends, with a draw at 6:45pm 

Mixed Doubles

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering Mixed Doubles this season on Sundays from 3:30pm to 5:15pm.

What is Mixed Doubles Curling?

The basics are relatively simple. Each team consists of only two players — one man, one woman. Each team throws five stones per end, with the player delivering the team's first stone of the end also delivering the team's final stone of the end. The game lasts eight ends. The scoring is the same as in regular curling. 

Then it gets a little more complicated.

The major difference between regular curling and mixed doubles is the positioning of two stones — one per team — before the beginning of each end. These rocks can end up counting for points if they make their way into the house.

The team with the hammer (last rock) chooses where to place these two stones. If that team elects to place its stone in the back of the 4-foot circle of the house and the opposing team's stone as the centre guard, then the opposing team delivers the first stone of the end. If it opts for the reverse, then it delivers the first stone of the end.

A modified version of the free guard zone is also in effect: no stone in play, including the "positioned" stones, can be taken out prior to the delivery of the fourth stone of each end. 

The Power Play

Canadians know all about a power play in hockey, but here's how it works in mixed doubles curling.

The power play can be used once per game by each team, when it has the decision on the placement of the "positioned" stones (though it's not allowed if the game goes to an extra end).

When the power play is invoked, the in-house stone (which, remember, belongs to the team with last stone in that end) is placed with its back edge touching the tee line, with half of the stone resting in the 8-foot circle and half in the 12-foot. The guard stone is positioned to the side of the sheet so it protects the in-house stone.

As a bonus, no one has to spend time in a penalty box.

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